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/* $Id: d_bjt.model,v 24.23 2004/02/01 21:12:55 al Exp $ -*- C++ -*-
 * Copyright (C) 2002 Albert Davis
 * Author: Albert Davis <aldavis@ieee.org>
 * This file is part of "Gnucap", the Gnu Circuit Analysis Package
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
 * any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
 * 02111-1307, USA.
 * Berkeley BJT model
 * Derived from Spice code, both from 2g6 and 3f4
 * Recoded for Gnucap model compiler, Al Davis, 2002
 * data structures and defaults for bjt model.
 * netlist syntax:
 * device:  qxxxx c b e s mname <device args>
 * model:   .model mname NPN <args>
 *    or  .model mname PNP <args>
 * known BUGs
 * 1. excess phase partially implemented, disabled, as if PTF == 0.
/* This file is automatically generated. DO NOT EDIT */

#include "d_diode.h"
  class DEV_BJT;
  class DEV_CPOLY_G;
  class DEV_FPOLY_CAP;
class SDP_BJT
  :public SDP_DIODE{
  explicit SDP_BJT(const COMMON_COMPONENT*);
class TDP_BJT{
  explicit TDP_BJT(const DEV_BJT*);
  double vt;      // 
  double ibc;     // BJTtSatCur
  double ibe;     // BJTtSatCur
  double BetaF;   // BJTtBetaF
  double BetaR;   // BJTtBetaR
  double BEleakCur;     // BJTtBEleakCur
  double BCleakCur;     // BJTtBCleakCur
  double BEpot;   // BJTtBEpot
  double BEcap;   // BJTtBEcap
  double DepCap;  // 
  double f1;      // 
  double BCpot;   // BJTtBCpot
  double BCcap;   // BJTtBCcap
  double f4;      // 
  double f5;      // 
  double Vcrit;   // 
  :public MODEL_DIODE{
  // using generated copy constructor, should be unreachable
  explicit MODEL_BJT();
  ~MODEL_BJT() {--_count;}
public: // override virtual
  bool      parse_front(CS&);
  bool      parse_params(CS&);
  void      parse_finish();
  SDP_CARD* new_sdp(const COMMON_COMPONENT* c)const;
  void      print_front(OMSTREAM&)const;
  void      print_params(OMSTREAM&)const;
  void      print_calculated(OMSTREAM&)const;
  bool      is_valid(const COMMON_COMPONENT*)const;
  void      tr_eval(COMPONENT*)const;
public: // not virtual
  static int count() {return _count;}
private: // strictly internal
  static int _count;
public: // input parameters
  double bf;      // Ideal forward beta
  double br;      // Ideal reverse beta
  double ibc;     // bc Saturation Current
  double ibe;     // be Saturation Current
  double is;      // Saturation Current
  double nf;      // Forward emission coefficient
  double nr;      // Reverse emission coefficient
  double vaf;     // Forward Early voltage
  double var;     // Reverse Early voltage
  double isc;     // B-C leakage saturation current
  double c4;      // obsolete, don't use
  double nc;      // B-C leakage emission coefficient
  double ise;     // B-E leakage saturation current
  double c2;      // obsolete, don't use
  double ne;      // B-E leakage emission coefficient
  double ikf;     // Forward beta roll-off corner current
  double ikr;     // reverse beta roll-off corner current
  double irb;     // Current for base resistance=(rb+rbm)/2
  double rb;      // Zero bias base resistance
  double rbm;     // Minimum base resistance
  double re;      // Emitter resistance
  double rc;      // Collector resistance
  double cbcp;    // external BC capacitance
  double cbep;    // external BE capacitance
  double cbsp;    // external BS capacitance (lateral)
  double ccsp;    // external BS capacitance (vertical)
  double cjc;     // Zero bias B-C depletion capacitance
  double cje;     // Zero bias B-E depletion capacitance
  double cjs;     // Zero bias C-S capacitance
  double fc;      // Forward bias junction fit parameter
  double mjc;     // B-C junction grading coefficient
  double mje;     // B-E junction grading coefficient
  double mjs;     // Substrate junction grading coefficient
  double vjc;     // B-C built in potential
  double vje;     // B-E built in potential
  double vjs;     // Substrate junction built in potential
  double xcjc;    // Fraction of B-C cap to internal base
  double itf;     // High current dependence of TF
  double ptf;     // Excess phase
  double tf;      // Ideal forward transit time
  double tr;      // Ideal reverse transit time
  double vtf;     // Voltage giving VBC dependence of TF
  double xtf;     // Coefficient for bias dependence of TF
  double xtb;     // Forward and reverse beta temp. exp.
  double xti;     // Temp. exponent for IS
  double eg;      // Energy gap for IS temp. dependency
public: // calculated parameters
  polarity_t polarity;  // 
  double invearlyvoltf; // Inverse early voltage:forward
  double invearlyvoltr; // Inverse early voltage:reverse
  double invrollofff;   // Inverse roll off - forward
  double invrolloffr;   // Inverse roll off - reverse
  double transtimevbcfact;    // Transit time VBC factor
  double excessphasefactor;   // Excess phase fact.
  double xfc;     // 
  double f2;      // 
  double f3;      // 
  double f6;      // 
  double f7;      // 
  explicit COMMON_BJT(const COMMON_BJT& p);
  explicit COMMON_BJT(int c=0);
  bool        operator==(const COMMON_COMPONENT&)const;
  COMMON_COMPONENT* clone()const {return new COMMON_BJT(*this);}
  void        parse(CS&);
  void        print(OMSTREAM&)const;
  void        expand(const COMPONENT*);
  const char* name()const {return "bjt";}
  const SDP_CARD* sdp()const {assert(_sdp); return _sdp;}
  bool      has_sdp()const {return _sdp;}
  static int  count() {return _count;}
private: // strictly internal
  static int _count;
public: // input parameters
  double m; // device multiplier
  double area;    // area factor
  bool off; // device initially off
  double icvbe;   // Initial B-E voltage
  double icvce;   // Initial C-E voltage
  double temp;    // instance temperature
public: // calculated parameters
  const SDP_CARD* _sdp;
  double oik;     // 
  double oikr;    // 
public: // attached commons
class DEV_BJT : public BASE_SUBCKT {
  explicit DEV_BJT(const DEV_BJT& p);
  explicit DEV_BJT();
           ~DEV_BJT() {--_count;}
private: // override virtual
  char      id_letter()const {return 'Q';}
  const char* dev_type()const{return "bjt";}
  int       max_nodes()const  {return 4;}
  int       min_nodes()const  {return 3;}
  int       out_nodes()const  {return _net_nodes;}
  int       matrix_nodes()const {return 0;}
  int       net_nodes()const {return _net_nodes;}
  int       int_nodes()const{return 3;}
  CARD*     clone()const     {return new DEV_BJT(*this);}
  void      parse(CS&);
  void      print(OMSTREAM&,int)const;
  void      expand();
  //void    map_nodes();     //BASE_SUBCKT
  //void    precalc();       //BASE_SUBCKT
  //void    dc_begin();      //BASE_SUBCKT
  //void    tr_begin();      //BASE_SUBCKT
  //void    tr_restore();    //BASE_SUBCKT
  void      dc_advance() {set_not_converged(); BASE_SUBCKT::dc_advance();}
  void      tr_advance() {set_not_converged(); BASE_SUBCKT::tr_advance();}
  bool      tr_needs_eval();
  void      tr_queue_eval() {if(tr_needs_eval()){q_eval();}}
  bool      do_tr();
  //void    tr_load();       //BASE_SUBCKT
  //double  tr_review();     //BASE_SUBCKT
  //void    tr_accept();     //BASE_SUBCKT
  //void    tr_unload();     //BASE_SUBCKT
  double    tr_probe_num(CS&)const;
  //void    ac_begin();      //BASE_SUBCKT
  //void    do_ac();         //BASE_SUBCKT
  //void    ac_load();       //BASE_SUBCKT
  //XPROBE  ac_probe_ext(CS&)const;//CKT_BASE/nothing
  static int  count() {return _count;}
public: // may be used by models
  void limit(double vnew, double *vold, double vt, double vcrit);
private: // not available even to models
  static int _count;
  int _net_nodes;
public: // input parameters
public: // calculated parameters
  double vbe;     // B-E voltage
  double vbc;     // B-C voltage
  double vbx;     // B-C voltage (ext base)
  double vcs;     // C-S voltage
  double cce;     // collector-emitter current
  double cce_cpoly;     // 
  double go;      // Small signal output conductance
  double gm;      // Small signal transconductance
  double cpi;     // emitter-base current
  double cpi_cpoly;     // 
  double gpi;     // Small signal input conductance - pi
  double cmu;     // collector-base current
  double cmu_cpoly;     // 
  double gmu;     // Small signal conductance - mu
  double ix_cpoly;      // Current offset at base node, constant
  double gx;      // dix/dvbb Conductance from base to internal base
  double qbx;     // Charge storage B-X junction
  double cqbx;    // Cap. due to charge storage in B-X jct.
  double qbc;     // Charge storage B-C junction
  double cqbc;    // Cap. due to charge storage in B-C jct.
  double qcs;     // Charge storage C-S junction
  double cqcs;    // Cap. due to charge storage in C-S jct.
  double qbe;     // Charge storage B-E junction
  double cqbe;    // Cap. due to charge storage in B-E jct.
  double geqcb;   // d(Ieb)/d(Vcb)
  double cexbc_0; // Total Capacitance in B-X junction
  double cexbc_1; // 
  double cexbc_2; // 
  double _dt_0;   // time step
  double _dt_1;   // 
public: // netlist
  DEV_CPOLY_G* _Ice;
  DEV_CPOLY_G* _Ipi;
  DEV_CPOLY_G* _Imu;
private: // node list
  enum {n_col=0, n_base=1, n_emit=2, n_sub=3, n_icol=-1, n_ibase=-2, n_iemit=-3};
  node_t _nodes[7];

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